Nashua Zululand Squash League Announcement

We are proud and honoured sponsors of the Zululand Squash League!

Nashua Zululand is once again pleased to announce for the 20th year in a row that we are the proud sponsor for the Zululand Squash League.

Hendrik Jansen Van Rensburg, Zululand Squash League Coordinator (left), and Pieter Lourens,  Zululand Squash Chairperson (right), are very pleased and excited to receive their 2017 Nashua Zululand Squash kit from  Zonica Loots, Nashua Zululand - Marketing Coordinator. 

Nashua Zululand is deeply committed to keeping local sponsorships within Zululand thriving and growing through powerful partnerships.

We look forward to having another successful year with the Squash League. Nashua wishes the Zululand Squash players all the best with their tournaments this year.